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Makena Vacation Rental (Maui, Hawaii)
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It is 2 1/2 hours until flight time and I write this at the picnic table. A few more whales to spot, turtle heads popping up and the last vestiges of precious time spent in nothing short of paradise.

Thank you Frank for preserving the old ways - emphasis on nature without it being a cost of nature. This is a magic spot you have "caretaken" well.

- P & B, Berkeley, CA

At the end of our first week we had only ventured to Lahaina for a mini shopping spree
and lunch at Longhi's - delicious - and for groceries. We can't pull ourselves away from the snorkeling, sea turtles and whales right out front. We love hearing the surf as we go to sleep and awaken; and have our evening ritual of mango juice or martinis as we watch the sunset.

The surrounding islands take on a new color as the sun & clouds & light changes throughout each day. I'm certain the rolls of film we've shot won't do the place justice...Many, many thanks for letting us share your wonderful home. We leave with regret & hope to return.

- Ralph & Lynn M., Michigan

Wow!! Beth & I sit here in the front yard sipping wine & just enjoying our last sunset. The thought of leaving tomorrow brings on a sadness that can only be replaced with our pure joy of having stayed at the Cottage during our honeymoon.

"Whales everywhere," Beth just said. Tide pools to explore, night & day. No hotel could have come close to providing such a romantic getaway. We will be back.

- Tom & Beth M

You really have a magical spot here and we're both glad we could share it for a short while!

This was our first trip to Maui and it's always been on 'our list' of places to go. The first time anywhere usually has its inherent risks but this place exceeded everything we dreamed about, especially your cute little 'cottage-by-the-sea.' Everyday was planned around returning early enough to watch the sunset from the front lawn.

Thanks again for your hospitality. We found everything we needed and didn't lack a thing. My biggest dilemma remains... do I tell our frineds about this place or do we keep it a secret? Well, we've still got some time to ponder that question!

- Gary & Linda B., Los Angleles, CA

Ten days here is just too short! It's rare when a vacation is as good (and in this case even better) than what you hoped for. But that is just what happened.

And a large part is due to this cottage. It's been a joy and a privilege to stay here. Of course there's the scenery and the comfort of the house. But even more than that is the feeling that someone put a lot of LOVE and CARE into this place. Thanks for sharing it. We traveled halfway around the globe to get here and it was worth every mile of the trip.

Wayne & Jean-Louis F., Paris, France

We can't begin to explain how much your place means to us. We are honeymooners & have spent 7 amazing days at your cottage.

When we began the search for a cottage on the ocean, we figured what we were looking for was not to be found. Thank you for sharing your cottage & making our honeymoon dreams a reality!

We wanted just us & the ocean & that's what we got. We were up to watch the day dawn each day & never missed any of the spectacular sunsets. Also thank you for sharing your photo albums. We now realize how much this special spot must mean to you. This was the spot in paradise where we began our lives together.

- Mark & DeAnn H.

We've made 10 visits to Hawaii in the last 20 years and I can truthfully say we have found the perfect spot here in Makena. What a lucky day for us when I saw your spot in the Hideway brochure. We're already thinking about the next time.

- Ann & Bill H., Huntsville, Texas

It's hard to put into words what staying at this place does for one's soul. It is always perfect and always a place of re-juvination from our most hectic and fast-paced lives.

- Carole & Don C., Denver, Colorado
(stayed 5 times so far)

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Maui Beach Cottage Vacation Rental • Makena, Maui, Hawaii

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